MEEG's Story...

HOW much is it?!

One day my wife Nicole came to me and told me she wanted to get something for our home to store our bottles of wine, glasses, and some assorted "bar items". She wanted to get something she saw at a local West Elm store. Me being who I am (those of you who know me will laugh here, I know...) immediately asked: "how much is it?" Let's just say it was more than I thought made financial sense... I told her that I would make her something... just find me the design she liked... 

This was the wine cabinet I made for her, which she still loves to this day. People who came over, saw it and loved it and told me I should to start making these to sell. 

Long story short, I continued making different pieces for our house and had enough people telling me to sell my creations. Once people started hiring me to make things for their home... MEEG was born!

I once had an interview for an internship and was asked: "what makes you the right fit for this position?" My answer was, which still drives me today, "I'm terrified of disappointing people."
I learned from a very young age to give everything you have in everything that you do. This applies especially to MEEG. Whether it's sanding, re-sanding, and re-sanding some more... or completely re-doing a set of legs, I don't quit until I am 100% proud of it. 
MEEG takes the best AND the "worst" parts of trees and shows off their natural beauty to make one-of-a-kind pieces. No two pieces are the same and there is no part of a slab that I cannot use. My goal with everything that I make is to have no waste. As I tell all my clients, I take everything that each piece of wood has to offer. Some of it may seem unconventional, but that is something that I think adds character that will separate it in your home forever! 
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